Palestinian Arabs

Quick Facts

Place of Origin:  Palestine is located on the eastern Mediterranean region in Israel. It comprises of modern parts of Israel, the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Religion:  Islam is the main religion of Palestinian Arabs.  
Population:  5.79 million
(Primary) Language:  Palestinian Arabic
Other Information: 
  • Over the years Palestine had many wars to fight against Israel for land. To date, it is still not fully clear about the borders of what Palestine owns. As a result, Palestinians are still fighting for an official state that is formally recognized by all countries.
  • The meaning of the Palestinians flag colours: The red section represents Khawarij movement, the black stripe stands for Muhammad at the Rashidun Caliphate, the white stands for the Ummayad Caliphate, and the green stripe represents the Fatimid Caliphate.

When did Palestinian Arabs first come to Canada?

In 1955 the Canadian government started admitting 100 skilled workers and their families, Palestinian refugees, from the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. Many years later, in spring of 2015, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in Toronto granted asylum to a 60-year-old widow from the Gaza Strip because of the Hamas movement. In 2016, nearly 80% of Palestinian refugees were accepted into Canada because of the Hamas movement.

Where do Palestinian Arabs predominantly gather in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?

A number of Palestinians live in Mississauga, Thorncliffe Park, Flemmingdon Park, Scarborough, Milton.
Population estimate in the GTA:  36,340 Egyptians; 29,045 Iraqis; 29,750 Lebanese; 15,555 Palestinians; a few thousand Jordanian; multiple thousands of Syrians

What are Palestinian Arabs' lives like?

  • In most Palestinian Arab families, the men are the bread winners of the home and the women are expected to stay at home.
  • In terms of marriage, it is common for Palestinian men to have about one or two wives.
  • Education is a high priority in the family.
  • Palestinians are very friendly and hospitable individuals.
  • Most men and women in the Palestinian Arab community cover their heads for proper etiquette and women always cover their shoulders and upper arms.

What do Palestinian Arabs believe?

  • Palestinian Arabs main religion is Islam.
  • They believe in praying five times a day.
  • Palestinians observe a three-day mourning period when someone dies.
  • There are various Islamic Mosques in the GTA that Palestinian Arabs attend such as: Islamic Society of Markham, Mandinah Masjid, Islamic Society of Whitby, just to name few.

for the Palestinian Arabs in the GTA

  • That God would raise up GTA Jesus followers to meet and pray for Palestinian Arabic Muslims, read the Bible with them, and share meals together.
  • That God would bring at least one gospel-centered Christian friend into the life of each GTA Palestinian Arabic Muslim’s life & find ways to serve them.
  • Pray that GTA believers who have any training in evangelism to Muslims (e.g., Al Massira, Bridges, Engaging the Nations booklet, etc) will be burdened to reach out to GTA Palestinian Arabic Muslims.
  • Pray for Palestinian Arabic Muslims to have visions and dreams of Jesus that lead to salvation.
  • That God would use believers trained in various tools for outreach to Muslims (Al Massira, Bridges, etc) to find & befriend Palestinian Arabs and share life & good news with them.


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