Pray for the Nations

Catalyzing Vision, Prayer, & the Gospel Involvement of Canadian Believers with our Global Neighbours

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Which Least-Reached People Groups are in your Area?

Check out the least-reached people group profiles in the Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary,  Edmonton, & Greater Toronto Area (GTA) metros from our main menu and learn how to engage with them. We hope to add Ottawa's least-evangelized people groups in the second half of this year (2024).

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A man holding a young female child smiling.
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Learn. Pray. Connect. Serve.

The mission is right here on our doorstep. Our neighbours are from all around the world, from places where the Gospel may not be known, let alone welcomed. We have an opportunity here and now, to show Christ's love through learning and making friends. Use the prayer content in the app and on the website to guide your intercession on behalf of each least-reached people group community listed. Watch the embedded prayer videos for each least-reached people group community. Commit to praying daily for these groups as the foundation for your own awareness, service, evangelism, discipleship, and networking to and among them.  Use the P4N app and website to get involved personally as well as mobilizing others to pray and to engage with individuals from Canada's least-reached people group communities.
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Pray for the Nations Provides:

  • Opportunities to become aware, to learn, and to engage.
  • Opportunities for international service opportunities—LOCALLY!
  • Opportunities for Teams/Families/Couples/Small Groups