Bosnian Muslims

Quick Facts

Place of Origin:  Bosnian Muslims are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a country situated in the western Balkan Peninsula of Europe. Bosnia occupies the northern part of the country and Herzegovina governs the southern.
Languages:  Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
Religion:  The main religious affiliation is Islam, in which 50% of the population are practicing. Other religion expressions include Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Atheism, and others.
Population:  3,280,819 million
The meaning of the Bosnia and Herzegovina flag:  Bosnia and Herzegovina flag consists of the colors, blue, white, yellow and has a triangle and seven stars. The three points on the triangle represents the people who make up the nation (Croats, Bosniaks, and Serbs). The stars represent Europe, which is meant to be infinite in number.
Status in GTA:  Very few open Bosnian Muslim-background followers of Jesus are known currently. We are not aware of any GTA evangelical churches giving loving attention and focus to Bosnian Muslims.
Latest developments in Bosnia as of Nov. 4, 2021:

When did Bosnian Muslims first come to Canada?

The majority of Bosnian Canadians emigrated to Canada as refugees during and after the Bosnian War, which lasted from 1992-1995.

Where do Bosnian Muslims predominantly gather in the GTA?

A number of Bosnians live in the Etobicoke district of Toronto and Mississauga.
Population estimate in the GTA:  9,630+
A map of the Greater Toronto Area noting the Etobicoke area, where a number of Bosnians live.
Chairman Željko Komšić shaking hands with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What are Bosnian Muslims lives like?

  • Bosnians are renowned for being cheerful, outgoing and engaging people. They are quick to offer help to strangers and friends.
  • Bosnians have a very relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle. Therefore, this can contribute to unemployment in their community or lack of motivation for employment.
  • Bosnians have a number of traditional dishes; however, one of the most loved is Cevapi. Cevapi is an oblong sausage made from minced lamb or beef, and it is served in a somun (Bosnian pita bread).

What do Bosnian Muslims believe?

  • Bosnian Muslims do not leave two windows open in a room because their cultural belief is when the wind passes through the room it can cause you to get sick.
  • Family has great importance in the Bosnian culture.
  • Bosnian Muslims practice more of a modern form of Islam. For example, some drink alcohol.
  • Bosnian Muslims are very sociable and hospitable, however, when speaking to them be careful how you mention the Bosnian war to them because that is dear to their hearts.
  • Bosnian Muslims' main place of worship is the mosque. In Canada, there is the Bosnian Islamic Centre where Bosnian Muslims go to pray religiously located in Etobicoke.

for Bosnian Muslims in the GTA

  • Ask God to raise up at least five churches in GTA to get Bosnian Muslims on their radar so they will start praying for them and seeking ways to serve them and to engage with them.
  • Ask God to help the very few GTA Bosnian Muslim-background followers of Jesus to meet together regularly & pair them with other believers and churches who love Bosnian Muslims so as to form ministry teams for evangelism, disciple-making, and church starting.
  • Ask God for at least two other mission organizations (beside Global Gates Canada) to start investing time and resources to address the spiritual lostness of GTA Bosnian Muslims.
  • Ask God to orchestrate connections for GTA followers of Jesus to gain access to any GTA mosques frequented by Bosnian Muslims so as to initiate friendships
  • Ask God to use believers trained in various tools for outreach to Muslims (Al Massira, Bridges, etc) to find & befriend Bosnian Muslims and share life & good news with them.


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